Child Development

Course Syllabi

Course Syllabi

CHLD 251-01/02 (online) (PDF)

CHLD 251-03/04 (in-person) (PDF)

Observational Techniques

CHLD 252-01-02-03
Jenny Swisher (PDF)

Valerie Singleton (PDF)

Shrija Dirghangi (PDF)

Child Development
CHLD 255- Jackson (PDF)Marriage and Family Relationships
CHLD 255- Dirghangi (PDF)Marriage and Family Relationships
CHLD 272 (PDF)Children in a Changing World
CHLD 282 (PDF)Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for Children; Theory to Practice
CHLD 299-01-Shepherd (PDF)Working with Children 
CHLD 321 (PDF)Risk & Resilience 

CHLD 333W-01-Walton (PDF)

CHLD 333W-02-Swisher (PDF)

Children's Gender and Sexuality Development
CHLD 350 (PDF)Prenatal-Infant Development

CHLD 351 (PDF)

Toddler-Early Childhood Development: Advanced

CHLD 353-01,02-Hart (PDF)

Methods of Inquiry in Child Development

CHLD 353-03,04-Stark (PDF)Methods of Inquiry in Child Development
CHLD 354 (PDF)School-Aged Child
CHLD 357 (PDF)Adolescent Development
CHLD 360-01 (PDF)Social-Emotional Intelligence: Development and Learning 

CHLD 382-01-Nenadal (PDF)

CHLD 382-02-Singleton (PDF)

Professional Seminar in Child Development: Current Issues

CHLD 392-01/03 (PDF)

Child Development Practicum

CHLD 440-01 (PDF)

CHLD 440-02 (PDF)

Issues in Assessment for Children and Families
CHLD 451 (PDF)Working with Families in Diverse Communities: Advanced
CHLD 455 (PDF)Seminar in Family Relations
CHLD 456Child Development Practice: Children and Families
CHLD 462 (PDF)Adult Supervision in Child Development Programs
CHLD 492 (PDF)Child Development Practice: Children and Families


Senior Seminar in Child Development
CHLD 551(opens in new window)Staff and Family Relations

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