Concrete Industry Management

About the Program

The Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program is a business intensive program, providing solid management skills that can be used in any industry, but has been developed specifically for the concrete industry. The program gives students entering the concrete work force an advantage since they gain valuable industry experience early in their careers, unlike others who have generic business degrees. 

The program entails a broad range of courses, from English and history to science and mathematics. A series of required business courses such as finance, marketing, management and business law are also taken throughout the length of the program. The concrete-specific courses teach the fundamentals of concrete, properties and testing, concrete construction and more. All of these courses provide much more than what is simply in the text – they emphasize problem solving, quality assurance and customer satisfaction. They utilize practical case studies and an internship to make sure the student obtains real-world experience essential to starting a successful career. Additional opportunities for growth include on-campus socials and other organized events providing industry networking and professional development.

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A solid, well-rounded education within a specific industry, but with the professional tools necessary for any field.
Opportunities in an industry that provides diverse career opportunities in both what you can do and where you can do it.
Career prospects in an industry that is hungry for well-educated and enthusiastic people to be its future leaders.

How it Started

Recognizing the need for people with enhanced technical, communication and management skills, the CIM program was developed in 1996. The Concrete Industry Management (CIM)  program is the first of its kind in the U.S. – a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management. Originally founded in 1996, the CIM program enrolled its first two students at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). The popularity of the program has taken off ever since, with more than 300 students pursuing degrees in CIM. To meet the vast interest of the program and recognizing the need to expand, the current program is offered not only at MTSU but also at California State University, Chico, Texas State University and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Career Paths for CIM Graduates

There has yet to be a graduate of the Concrete Industry Management Program that did not have an exciting career opportunity in the industry waiting for him or her — how many other degree programs can boast that distinction? Graduates of the CIM Program are hired for management positions throughout the concrete industry including production, material supply, contracting and manufacturing. More than 825 students have graduated from CIM programs with starting salaries competitive with other high-tech industries.

Production Management

Ready Mixed Concrete Plants, Concrete Pipe Plants, Concrete Block Plants, Precast / Prestressed Plants, Quarry Operations

Project Management
Project Engineering, Estimating, Plant Management
Sales & Marketing
Concrete & Concrete Products, Cement & Admixtures, Equipment, Contracting Services