Concrete Industry Management


World of Concrete 2024

CIM students went to World of Concrete in Las Vegas. There, 3 of our students competed in the Bob Wheatherton Presentation awards against other CIM students across the nation. WOC gave our students the opportunity to learn emerging technologies in the concrete industry and opportunities to network with concrete executives. 

 CIM students at WOC

Concrete Day 2024

This April 12th we are hosting Concrete Day. We are inviting high school and college students, as well as parents to join us. The event will be held in the Langdon 120 and adjoining laboratories at Chico State. This event is an opportunity for students to explore different career paths in the concrete industry. The event will start at 9am and end at 12pm. There will be lunch provided! Students will get insight into the concrete industry and learn basic concrete techniques.

Here is the link to sign up: Register Here

Upcoming Student Competitions

NPCA Foundation Student Design Competition at The Precast Show, February 2024

CIM and civil students will be competiting to  solve real-world problems using precast
concrete as the solution. After teams submit their entries to a panel of judges for review, the top teams are invited to present their entries to the industry at The Precast Show 2024 in Denver, Colorado, where a winning team is chosen. First place team wins $2,000 (divided equally among the student team members) and $5,000 for the school program.

ACI Competition in New Orleans, March 2024

This is an international competition and convention. Students will demonstrate the behavior of fiber reinforcement within concrete, gain experience in forming and fabricating a fiber-reinforced concrete element, and encourage creativity in engineering design predictions and analysis testing. The competition will be held in New Orleans. Prize money is awarded for First, Second, and Third.