Concrete Industry Management

Industry Partnerships

Active Local Support

Local concrete companies and organizations actively support this program through funded research, equipment donations, guest speakers and industry forums.

On-Site Internships

There are numerous opportunities for students to work side-by-side with practicing professionals through on-site internships.

List of Partners

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National Steering Committee

The CIM National Steering Committee (NSC) is a national-level, broad-based industry coalition, dedicated to a collaborative process in partnership with CIM institutions and local industry patrons groups. The mission of the NSC is to develop, support, promote and sustain a network of higher learning educational institutions with programs that produce graduates with degrees in Concrete Industry Management.

The NSC Board of Directors leadership is comprised of a wide range of companies and organizations, including ready-mix suppliers, admixture suppliers, concrete contractors, engineering firms, research organizations, and trade associations.

NSC Website

Student listening intently to industry professional