Concrete Industry Management


CIM Scholarships

The CIM program is supported by a strong industry group which consists of more than 50 companies and individuals. The Chico CIM Patrons graciously provide scholarships each semester for eligible students to promote the CIM program, and to help students who are in need of financial assistance to pursue their degree in CIM at Chico State.

*Students are eligible to apply only if they are full-time. This is a renewable scholarship that requires a new application be submitted each semester. Information regarding scholarships and deadlines is shared with students at the beginning of each semester during the all-majors meeting.

Wildcat Scholarships

The University Scholarship Application is available from the CSU Chico Financial Aid and Scholarship Office. The application is open January 2nd through February 1st for fund distribution the next academic year.

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Additional Industry Scholarships

Many associations offer scholarships which are intended for CIM students. Use the list below to find scholarships and their deadlines.

CarbonCure Sustainability in Concrete Scholarship: Due October 15th, 2023 carboncure

Concrete Pipe Scholarship: Due October, 30, 2023 Concrete Pipe Scholarship

AOE Fellowship for CIM students: Due November 1, 2023 aci-foundation