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2 Ps in 2 Days: Increasing Student Engagement
two colleagues collaborating outside
May 27th-28th, 2021

Faculty will develop plans to increase students' engagement through assignments that highlight a sense of place and community partnerships. Learn how you can tweak a single course to better align your assignments with the 2 Ps, or work with a group of interdisciplinary faculty on a university-community partnership. Campus and community presenters will share their experience and expertise. Participants will be provided blocks of time to work with a more experienced colleague to apply the 2 Ps in ways that are meaningful for their discipline and deepen student learning.

Faculty/Instructors will receive a $600 stipend upon completion of the workshop with the expectation that they will present their course redesign plans in a public forum. 

Book in Common
Get involved with the opportunities to make a difference through the Book in Common.