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A key aspect of civic engagement is helping students use what they are learning to engage with real world problems and opportunities in the classroom, through research activities, and out in the community. This pedagogical technique fosters enhanced academic engagement and performance, increases the likelihood of graduation, and helps students understand how they can connect their academic course work to the public good.

Why Community Engagement?

Ann Schulte shares why you might want to use community engagement in your teaching.

Visit Collaboratory to learn about all of the community engagement activities on our campus

Collaboratory is a secure database that collects community engagement and public service activities for our campus. It is a measurement and tracking tool that informs institutional strategy and an educational tool that distinguishes the spectrum of engagement and service activities. It is a public-facing platform that showcases campus partnerships to provide inspiration and validation. 

Collaboratory allows us to: 

  • Generate robust reports that are easily accessible 
  • Publicly demonstrate our community engagement  
  • Generate and diversify funding 
  • Be more strategic in how we create connections on campus and with partners  
  • More efficiently engage and recognize community partners, faculty, and staff 
  • Leverage faculty and staff expertise 
  • Demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of community engagement 
  • More efficiently address community-identified needs 
  • Complete applications, accreditation, reports 
  • Attract and retain high-quality faculty and staff 

To get started, visit the CSU Chico Collaboratory portal(opens in new window) and see these links for more information about how to register(opens in new window)log in(opens in new window), and create your own profile(opens in new window) in Collaboratory.  

Using Collaboratory in a Dossier

Contact the Director of Civic Engagement at for training or an opportunity to learn more about the Collaboratory database.

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