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North State Roots

33,000 Square Miles of Opportunity: How the University & Region Strengthen Each Other

The mission of this work is to leverage Chico State students, staff, and faculty in reciprocal and interdisciplinary partnerships around the self-defined issues of the North State communities

Three goals serve this mission:

  • To engage North State students on campus in their home or regional communities
  • To educate the campus community about the assets and capacities of the North State
  • To provide increased experiential, community-based learning opportunities for students

Chico State North State Roots LogoNorth State Roots is an initiative that aims to strengthen the relationship between California State University, Chico and its service region by fostering intentional networks between Chico State students and with their home communities. These intentional connections will support the success of North State students who are enrolled at Chico State, and will also foster more formal partnerships to advance common goals, increase understanding, and promote economic and community vitality. The name comes from the idea that students from rural North State regions are likely to have deep ties to their home communities.

To nurture these deeper connections, faculty, staff and students will meet monthly to discuss the ways in which students would like to make a difference in their home community as an extension of what they are learning or doing on campus. Faculty will seek to support students in fulfilling their partnership ideas, or students may help to connect faculty to other opportunities in their home communities. Whether or not participants engage in particular partnerships, they will still benefit from the conversations about the strengths and needs in the North State’s more rural communities and will contribute to a growing culture of regional engagement.

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Formal partnerships that have resulted from the work of this group include:

Regional initiatives engaged in partnerships with CSU Chico include, but are not limited to:

  • Expect More Tehama(opens in new window) is a grassroots initiative started in 2009 in Tehama County that promotes increased educational attainment and college going culture that will support improved economic and community development in the region. You can read a copy of their most recent report (PDF) that outlines their programs and successes to date.
  • Similar to Expect More Tehama, Reach Higher Shasta(opens in new window) facilitates programs to ensure Shasta County youth are ready for kindergarten, motivated and supported through elementary, middle and high school, and assisted in the transition to career training or college. They have a program called Career Connections(opens in new window) that connects area youth to internships and job shadow opportunities.

Examples of other campus degree programs or centers involved in programming specifically to rural counties in the region include:

Geographical Information Center

College of Agriculture Agribusiness Institute(opens in new window)

Center for Healthy Communities

Center for Economic Development(opens in new window)

School of Business in Redding(opens in new window)

School of Social Work Distributed Learning Program

Rural Northern California Clinical Simulation Center

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