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Office of Civic Engagement

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The Office of Civic Engagement is a liaison for Voter Registration & Education at Chico State.

California Voter Registration

It's quick, easy, and fundamental. Your vote is your voice!

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Voting FAQ

How do I register to vote?(opens in new window)

Should I register to vote in Chico or at home?

You can decide. If you want to participate in the decisions for the community where you are from, or intend to return there soon, you can register to vote absentee. If you are interested to participate in the issues where you live while going to school, you can register to vote in Chico.

By what date do I need to be registered to vote?

It's best if you can register before February 3rd, 2020, but you are allowed to register up until, or on election day in Butte County. 

Where is my polling place if I'm registered in Butte County?

This year, because of the Voter's Choice Act(opens in new window), you won't have one! All voting will be done by mail. You will receive a ballot in the mail and will be able to send it in postage paid. Or, you can drop it off at the Vote Center in the BMU within 10 days of election day. 

Census FAQ

Why should I participate in the census?

The U.S. Census Bureau(opens in new window) explains why it's important for you to be counted.

Do I get counted in Chico or at my family's home?

For the census, you must be counted where you are living on April 1, so if you are living in Chico on April 1, this is where you will get counted.

What if I live with 6 other people in the same house?

Each of you will count yourself.

What if I live in the dorms? 

If you live in the dorms, your RAs will be assisting you with getting counted.

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