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Office of Civic Engagement

Spread the Word

Help us to Spread the Word! Follow these steps to get engaged. 

  1. If you're eligible, Register to Vote(opens in new window) if you haven’t already in Butte County or in your home community.
  2. Attend a Civic Engagement presentation and/or do some additional research about Voting and Census
  3. Choose an audience with whom to do outreach: 
    • Contact your high school principal, history, government, leadership teachers. 
    • Peers in clubs or organizations
    • Faith communities
    • Neighborhood, apartment building
    • Community centers
    • Libraries
    • Senior centers
    • Family
  1. Optional activities:
    • Do a presentation to a local group (club, family, faith group back home, etc.)
    • Facilitate a discussion with a group
    • Table at an event with resources for people
    • Social media campaign (create a series of posts/links)
    • Propose another idea
  1. Document your outreach by completing a survey(opens in new window) which asks you to send a picture or two to that will be used in social media promoting your outreach.
  2. Everyone who completes the survey will be invited to an event in March where there will be free food and raffle prizes.
  3. Please email us at with any further questions.