Office of Civic Engagement

Ann Schulte, PhD

Director of Civic Engagement

Professor Ann Schulte joined Civic Engagement in 2017 to continue advancing the partnership work with our 12 county area. Ann is a designated advocate and consultant for the Rural Schools Collaborative(opens in new window) (RSC), an organization that works to strengthen the bonds between rural schools and communities through place-based engagement, rural philanthropy, and developing teacher-leaders. Together with North State Together(opens in new window), CSU Chico serves as an RSC hub(opens in new window) which will connect to other regional hubs in order to network and share innovative work being done in the region.

Ann continues to build connections and partnerships among and between the faculty and staff of the University with our 12 county regional partners. She hopes to build upon many of the great partnerships already happening with our rural communities, to better educate the campus and the region about the partnerships that exist, and to seek out additional opportunities to further our Strategic Plan goal of being the University of the North State. There are many exciting things related to civic engagement happening in our region and we would like more people to know about it!

Ann Schulte