Classroom Technology Services

Experimental Learning Spaces

Meriam Library, Room 045

Designed for distance education, Meriam Library's Room 045 has a microphone for every student as well as microphones for the instructor. There are two projection displays, as well as two flat-panel television displays. The three video cameras allow for any location of the room to be displayed to the remote party.

Tehama Hall, Room 116

Twelve touch-screen displays facilitate group work in this Tehama building classroom. The video and audio content from any group station can be re-routed to any other, or all, groups and displays.

Meriam Library, Room 442

MLIB 442: a new learning space designed around student collaboration and Problem Based Learning.

Student collaboration and teamwork are key aspects of this student-centered pedagogy. Problem based learning facilitates student teams to explore the nature of an assigned problem. The collaborations of students can lead to increased communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. This new learning space will allow faculty and students opportunities to explore emerging teaching and learning methods.

The new learning space seats 49 students. The instructor has access to a mediated classroom system. The room includes a high-definition projector, audio system, computer and connections for various media devices.

Instructor Station Instructions (PDF)