Crimes and Geography

Clery Act Crimes

The Clery Act requires the collection and publication of certain crime statistics that occur on specific geography related to campus. Although we ask that Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) report all crimes to the University, not all crimes are published in the Annual Security Report. There are four crime categories represented in the Annual Security Report. They include:

  1. Certain Criminal Offenses
  2. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Offenses
  3. Hate Crimes
  4. Arrests and Referrals for Disciplinary Action

Clery Act Geography

The Clery Act uses specific geographic categories for reporting crime statistics. The categories for Clery Act geography are as follows:

  1. On-campus
  2. On-campus Student Housing (as a subset of On-campus)
  3. Public Property
  4. Noncampus

Please see the link on this page for more details about Clery crimes and geography.