Community Legal Information Clinic

Community Legal Information Clinic

CLIC is an undergraduate legal information clinic that has been providing legal information to students and community members for over 50 years. CLIC also provides paralegal practicum opportunities with students working directly under CLIC’s four supervising attorneys.

CLIC is a legal studies program of the Political Science and Criminal Justice Departments and is also supported by the Associated Students(opens in new window) as a Contract Program.*

The Community Legal Information Clinic (CLIC) provides you with free legal information, not legal advice, in the following 11 areas:

  • Student Legal Services/Juvenile Rights
  • Chico Consumer Protection Agency
  • Women’s Law Project
  • County Jail Law Project
  • Disability Law
  • Environmental Advocates
  • Family Law Project
  • Housing Law Project
  • Misdemeanors, Tickets, and Traffic
  • Penal Law Project
  • Workers’ Rights Project

*In addition to its variety of in-house programs, the Associated Students contributes operational funding for a collection of campus-based entities that provide significant programs and services to the student community. These are known as Contract Programs.

 This information should not be considered legal advice because we are not attorneys, we are paralegal students and provide only legal information; this information provides just one of what may be several options to resolve your issue.  As always, the Community Legal Information Clinic recommends consulting an attorney before making any legal decisions.