Community Legal Information Clinic

Anthony Carral

Major:  Philosophy
Hometown:  Brentwood, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: CLIC Administrative Director

Anthony first heard about CLIC in a class talk his freshman year and made note of it as something that sounded interesting for future involvement. At the time he was running track and didn’t have much free time on his hands. However, he chose not to run his sophomore year and decided the time was right to make the CLIC connection. He secured an internship in the Misdemeanors/Tickets and Traffic Program and quickly realized that this commitment had real potential for him. After his internship experience, Anthony moved up to become the program director for Student Legal Services. In this role he supervised six interns who represented students in legal hearings with Judicial Affairs.

With a year of program director experience under his belt, Anthony applied to be one of two Administrative Directors for CLIC, the position he currently holds. He began training for the position last May and acknowledges a huge growth curve even in his short time as AD. That growth curve will be put to the test this year as he supervises 20 directors and 120 interns. “I’ve learned a lot about myself and about managing people. I’m not a Legal Studies major as many CLIC interns are. I provide a slightly different outlook as a philosophy major.”

Anthony acknowledges that the responsibilities of an administrative director are weighty ones. “That accountability has rubbed off on my academic life. I’ve become a better student because of my CLIC experience.” Anthony brings a strong work ethic and enthusiasm to the job. Both are qualities he’ll direct toward revamping CLIC’s outreach program. “Making people aware of our programs and services is a priority.” Making a difference has always been part of CLIC’s mission, one shared by all staff. “CLIC is a like a close knit family. I have met people here who will be lifelong friends.”

After graduation Anthony plans to take a year to prepare for the LSAT because law school is his goal. He’s undecided on what area of law he’d like to practice, but he thinks it’s smart to play to the strength of the school.

In Anthony’s words:
“CLIC is somewhere you WANT to be. It’s so rewarding helping clients and seeing the impact you have on their lives.”

anthony carral