Community Legal Information Clinic

Lauren Crane

Major: Criminal Justice with Paralegal Certificate
Hometown: Ventura, CA
Class: Senior
Program Position: Administrative Director | CLIC

How did you first get connected with Community Legal Information Center (CLIC)?
I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the criminal justice field where I could help the less fortunate as well as a career that would keep me on my toes and my adrenaline running. CLIC became my perfect, happy medium. I had no idea what CLIC was before I came to Chico. During the Chico Preview Day tour in high school I fell in love with the program. CLIC was the deciding factor for me to pack my bags from the sunny beaches of southern California and start a new chapter at Chico State. The reason that I fell in love with the program is the compassion the students in CLIC have for the clients that are in desperate need of legal information.

How would you describe your current role as an Administrator Director (AD) at CLIC?
I wear many hats as the Administrative Director at CLIC. I view myself as a mentor, a supervisor, an enforcer and even a shoulder to cry on. I work closely with my co-Administrative Director to oversee our day-to-day operations in addition to working closely with our supervising attorneys, directors, and funding sources.

What does working for CLIC do for you personally, professionally, or academically?
I have seen firsthand how the legal information that we provide at CLIC has changed our clients’ lives. There have been days in CLIC where I have teared up because of the dire situation clients and their children are in, and we are their last hope. Some days at work are very emotional, but always rewarding.

Professionally, not only has CLIC provided me with “hands-on” experience working with clients but as an Administrative Director, I get the unique opportunity to work with four supervising attorneys. They have truly shaped me into the person I am today by believing in me and supporting my goals. They have all pushed me in a way that I didn’t think was possible, and are there to be on my side and help me succeed.

What do YOU bring to the table in your position as an AD at CLIC?
I always try to come into the office with my best foot forward. I strive to be as personable as I can be to the directors and interns while maintaining a professional manner. I try to lead by example through my work and dedication and, perhaps, to be a role model to my future successor. I think through my passion, time-management skills, and humor, I am able to carry out my role as Administrative Director successfully. I try to support an atmosphere where the CLIC staff can learn, enjoy what they do and have a little fun as well! My enthusiasm for the work I so strongly believe in has helped CLIC grow in stature throughout the community and beyond.

What are your career plans and how does your job with the Associated Students%uFFFDbetter prepare you for that path?
After graduation, I plan on taking some time off from the classroom to work for a law firm as a paralegal. I think eventually I will make my way to law school, but I see no rush in committing to that part of my life as of right now. I think that working for the AS has shown me what it takes to become a successful and hard-working leader. I feel confident in the path that I am going down and I have to thank CLIC for providing an environment that allows its students to gain those skills that are so important in life, such as courage, maturity, and compassion.