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Construction Management

Construction Management

Temporary Virtual Services

The physical office for the Construction Management Department is closed until further notice. However, most services are still available via email or online. If you are a current student and have questions regarding your class, please email your professor directly.
Faculty information is listed in Faculty and Staff. For advising, please email the advisor assigned to you, which can be found in your portal. For general questions, please email Chris Souder or Mandy Thomas

“The construction management department at CSU, Chico is proud of the fact that they have been accredited by the American Council for Construction Education since 1987.”

Message from Department Chair

The construction management program at CSU, Chico has graduated over 3,500 students since 1977 going into the construction field and managing the construction of schools, hospitals, bridges, highways, dams, water systems, hotels, offices and industrial plants throughout California, the US and the world.

During this academic career, students of construction management experience the tradition of community service, competition and teamwork. Students experience real-life scenarios of coordinating, designing, managing and building a multitude of community service projects in Chico and sometimes-other communities. These projects help people that cannot help themselves. Students also compete against other construction management programs around the country in different construction management competitions. These competitions usually involve planning, estimating, scheduling and contractibility type issues. The construction management students at CSU, Chico also have the opportunity to be involved with several different clubs that represent different sectors of our industry.

We, the faculty of construction management, would like to congratulate past graduates of our program and welcome new students into our academic community.

Chris Souder, Chair

Company Recruiting

Company Recruiting Week 3

  • Tuesday, September 22

    • Flatiron: 5:00pm info-session, Interviews Wednesday, Sept. 23
    • Independent Construction: 6:00pm info-session, Interviews Wednesday, Sept. 23
    • Clark Construction: 7:00pm info-session, Interviews Wednesday, Sept. 23
  • Wednesday, September 23

    • DeSilva Gates: 5:00pm info-session, Interviews Thursday, Sept. 24
    • Goodfellow Bros: 6:00pm info-session, Interviews, Sept. 24
    • Cupertino Electric: 7:00pm info-session, Interviews, Sept. 24
  • Thursday, September 24

    • XL Construction- 5:00pm info-session, Interviews Friday, Sept. 25
    • McCarthy- 6:00pm info-session, Interviews Friday, Sept. 25
    • Blach Construction- 7:00pm info-session, Interviews Friday, Sept. 25

**Check email from Carley DeLuca with details on Zoom links for info-sessions**

Why Construction Management?

From countless job opportunities to great student organizations, there are many reasons to choose Construction Management as a major.