Construction Management

Distinguished CM Alumni

Martin (Marty) Rapozo, 2009

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management

Marty Rapozo (BS, Business Administration, ’81; MS, Special Major/Construction Management, ’84) was the first recipient of a master’s degree in construction management at CSU, Chico. Rapozo currently serves on the CSU, Chico Construction Management Industry Advisory Board. He is president at Abide International, a general construction firm specializing in federal government contracting. Projects completed by Abide International include the installation of nuclear weapon sensors at Arizona Border Stations, railroad construction for the U.S. Army munitions storage facility in Nevada, and the helicopter hoisting of mechanical equipment to the top of a 20-story building in downtown San Francisco for the FBI. Rapozo lives with his wife, Katie (’84), in Sonoma.

Favorite place on campus?

I was the guy hanging out in the Department of Construction Management main office—the guy who wouldn’t go away! Back then the department was very, very small. At the end of the day, you would then go with some of your professors and get some dinner or go to a barbecue. It was wonderful.

Favorite thing to do in Chico?

Tubing. Tubing was wonderful.

How did your time at Chico State change your life?

Tremendously. I met my wife there (she was a communications major), which ultimately led to our son, Gabriel, who is 13 now. It took me from being a business major to construction management, which is essentially half business and half construction. Today I own a mid-size construction company, and all I do is the business of construction every day. It’s a blast.

Martin (Marty) Rapozo