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Construction Management

Current Course Offerings

Subject # / Title / Units / Semester Offered / Course Flags

CMGT 100 Concepts of Construction 2.0 FS

An overview of construction trends, methods, materials, practices, contracts, laws, and codes. 2 hours discussion. (002055)

CMGT 101 Construction Management Career Preparation 1.0 FS

This course helps Construction Management students prepare for careers in the construction industry. It provides students with the opportunity for creating their resumes, learning successful interviewing techniques, obtaining internships, and exploring the many different possible careers in the construction industry. 3 hours laboratory. Credit/no credit grading. (020453)

CMGT 110 Construction Graphics 3.0 FS

Prerequisite: Diagnostic assessment of fundamental knowledge for MS Operating System, Office, and Adobe software.

Develops the graphic communication knowledge and skills needed by the construction management professional. Establishes a working vocabulary of symbols, details, and views used in construction drawings. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. This course requires the use of a laptop computer and appropriate software. (002056)

CMGT 135 Construction Materials and Systems 3.0 FS

A comprehensive study of the principal materials used in the construction industry and the various systems employing these materials to build structures. 3 hours discussion. (002057)
Prerequisites: Department permission.

This course is for special topics offered for 1.0-3.0 units. Typically the topic is offered on a one-time-only basis and may vary from term to term and be different for different sections. See the Class Schedule for the specific topic being offered. 3 hours supervision. (002060)

CMGT 210 Analysis of Construction Drawings and Specifications 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 135.
A detailed study of construction drawings and specifications for residential, commercial, industrial, and civil projects. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002058)

CMGT 235 Electrical and Mechanical Systems 3.0 FS

Prerequisite: CMGT 210, PHYS 202B.

An introduction to the basic climate control, plumbing, and electrical systems used in construction. 3 hours discussion. (002059)

CMGT 270 Building Information Modeling 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 110.

This course covers understanding and using building information models. Students learn about BIM, from a technology, design, and building practice perspective. 2 hours discussion, 3 hours laboratory. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 9.0 units. (000687)

CMGT 275 Architectural History 3.0 FS GE

This course presents a study of architectural history with an emphasis on contemporary projects. 3 hours discussion. This is an approved General Education course. (021203)

CMGT 330 Principles of Soil Mechanics and Foundations 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CHEM 107, PHYS 202A. We recommend CMGT 135 as appropriate background.
A study of the properties and behaviors of soils when used as construction material. Included are compaction, permeability, compressibility, shear strength, etc. Laboratory and field tests are performed. Introduction to the design principles of foundations and earth structures. 2 hours discussion, 3 hours laboratory. (002063)

CMGT 332 Construction Method Analysis 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 135.
Provides methods and techniques to analyze all facets of a construction project or task, including preplanning techniques, processes of analysis and improvement, timelapse recording and analysis, mathematical simulation, ergonomics, human factors, and safety programs. 2 hours discussion, 3 hours laboratory. (002064)

Prerequisites: Admission to the department's Honors in the Major program, faculty permission.
This is an Honors in the Major course which is open to students by invitation only. In addition to the course content of CMGT 332, this course will involve the selection and start of a significant project in some aspect of construction methods analysis. The student will select the project topic with the assistance of the faculty member. The project will be completed in CMGT 499H. 2 hours discussion, 3 hours laboratory. (002065)

CMGT 335 Construction Equipment 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 330.

A study of the equipment used in the construction industry. Included are the types, capabilities, selection, purchase/lease/rent options, and balancing of equipment. 3 hours discussion. (002066)

CMGT 340 Principles of Statics 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: MATH 120 or equivalent; PHYS 202A.

The fundamentals of engineering mechanics, including forces, static equilibrium, simple truss analysis and properties of sections. 3 hours discussion. (002067)

CMGT 345 Mechanics of Materials 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 340.

The mechanics of stress, strain, and deflection within the typical structural elements encountered in construction formed of timber, steel, and reinforced concrete. Rationale for sizing major structural elements and for design of their connections. 3 hours discussion. (002069)

CMGT 352 Electrical Construction Estimating 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 120.

Costs dictated by the contract documents for the electrical systems in residential, commercial, industrial, specialty, and line construction projects are studied. The course utilizes the computer estimating software Win EST 6000 by McCormick Estimating Systems, Inc. 2 hours discussion, 3 hours laboratory. (002073)

CMGT 360 Construction Project Management 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 210.

This course introduces students to the life-cycle of a construction project from conception through completion and commissioning. It provides an overview and practice of construction management theory, project feasibility processes and real estate development, pre-construction, delivery methods and pricing systems, procurement, project administration, project closeout and commissioning. Students develop project management skills necessary to prepare them to lead a multidisciplinary team in diverse environments while balancing conflicting constraints of the project's defined scope, quality, budget, and time. 3 hours lecture. (020325)

Prerequisites: CMGT 100, CMGT 120, CMGT 135, CMGT 210.
Students will develop a comprehensive architectural design project, including programming of needs, building costs, market conditions, and architectural styles, concluding in a comprehensive design presentation. 2 hours discussion, 3 hours laboratory. (000691)

CMGT 380 Green Building Practices and LEED Certification 3.0 FS

This course explores how new buildings are designed and constructed using green building strategies. Students learn how LEED Accredited Professionals manage the building certification process and the documents required by the US Green Building Council to verify that the requirements for LEED certification are met. The course also prepares students to take the USGBC LEED AP Certification exam. 3 hours lecture. (020504)

CMGT 440 Temporary Structures 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 345.

A study of temporary structures used in construction, including scaffolding, ground support systems, dewatering systems, decking/ramps/bridges, and concrete shoring and form work. The emphasis is on factors affecting cost, the legal significance, and the engineering basis for the design of the structures. 3 hours discussion. (002079)

CMGT 450 Construction Estimating 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 235, CMGT 332, CMGT 335.

Material takeoff processes and estimating, using a methodical approach with suggested check lists and techniques for arriving at a reliable estimate of the cost of a construction task or project, to include direct, indirect, and contingency costs and profits. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002080)

CMGT 455 Construction Cost Management 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 450.

Construction cost monitoring and analysis instruments that are developed from the project estimate. These include budgets, billing instruments, and scheduling data. Also included will be the development of overhead allocation systems. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002081)

CMGT 457 Project Control and Scheduling 3.0 FS

Prerequisites: CMGT 450.

Includes critical path method techniques, planning, logic, scheduling and updating, diagramming, analysis, and the use of computer for scheduling. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002078)

CMGT 458 Heavy Construction Estimating 3.0 FS Prerequisites: CMGT 335.

Rationale and technique of analysis of the work operations required for heavy construction work as distinct from residential and building construction. Format and preparation of competent heavy construction cost estimates with an emphasis on computer applications. Problems of project selection and preparation of competitive bid for the firm-price heavy construction project. 2 hours discussion, 2 hours activity. (002072)

CMGT 460 Legal Aspects of Construction 3.0 FS WP

Prerequisites: ENGL 130 or JOUR 130 (or equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher, BLAW 302, BLAW 414, senior standing.

Overview of basic construction laws, construction-related acts and orders, rules and regulations affecting construction, mechanic lien laws, and construction contracts. 3 hours discussion. This is an approved Writing Proficiency course; a grade of C- or better certifies writing proficiency for majors. (002075)

CMGT 462 Construction Contracts 3.0 FS

Prerequisite: CMGT 460.

This course reviews and analyzes, from the contractor's aspect, current contracting systems and documents utilized for construction contracts with particular attention to the recently (April 2012) released versions of the construction agreements published by the ConsensusDocs Coalition, an organization of 38 leading construction industry organizations. The course also examines the construction systems and documents employed for Caltrans projects, including the High Speed Rail project. The course reviews and analyzes the US Department of Labor Laws and the California Labor Code as these laws pertain to construction labor contracts, employment regulation, workers' compensation, and safety. 3 hours lecture. (021409)

CMGT 485 Construction Management Competition 3.0 FS

This course prepares interested students for regional and national construction management competitions sponsored by the Associated Schools of Construction, National Association of Home Builders, Associated Builders & Contractors, and other competition sponsors. Areas of preparation include construction management business and cost management, contracts, plan reading, specifications, estimating, scheduling, equipment, safety, team building, leadership, and presentation skills. 3 hours lecture. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 6.0 units. (020396)

CMGT 699P Master's Project 1.0 -6.0 FS

Prerequisites: See the department secretary.

This course is offered for 1.0-6.0. You must register directly with a supervising faculty member. 3 hours supervision. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 6.0 units. Credit/no credit grading. (002089)

CMGT 699T Master's Thesis 1.0 -6.0 FS

3 hours supervision. You may take this course more than once for a maximum of 6.0 units. Credit/no credit grading. (002087)