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School of Education Takes The Classroom On The Go

 tal teaches educators inside an rv

The School of Education’s Mobile Classroom has been a project for about nearly four years led by Tal Slemrod, Educational Technology & Distance Learning Program Coordinator.

The project started in an effort to accommodate a growing need to assist educators, especially after the CampFire in 2018, and followed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

“Educators in our region were feeling increasingly exhausted by frequently adjusting to new teaching methods in order to meet student needs,” Slemrod said. “As teachers were repeatedly challenged, they expressed an increasing desire for alternative access to professional development, and more of an overall connection with Chico State and The School of Education.”

The Mobile Classroom project was developed to give schools and educators in rural and isolated areas access to new technology and educational materials. 

The Mobile Classroom’s was used to support and connect with our partners at the Glenn County Office of Education. While the SOE’s partners across the region are critical to the success of SOE programs, time and distance are often barriers. That initial trip was an opportunity to bring Chico State to them, see them in-person, and discover new ways to collaborate and serve students.

Early in January, Slemrod took the RV on its first trip of 2023, which was another success. Slemrod worked with Dr. Aaron Koch, Educational Services Coordinator for Glenn County Office of Education, and Samuel Hess, Principal of Mill Street school in Orland to provide professional development for classified staff. 

“To be able to drive the mobile classroom right onto the school ground and be available for the wonderful educators during their day and location was incredible.” Slemrod said. “To know that without the Mobile Classroom these educators would not be able to connect with Chico State, and that we could support them and their students means the world to me.”

The training offered to the Mill Street staff is one of many ways the Mobile Classroom can help educators within the North State. As the SOE plans more trips for this semester, Slemrod continues to build and develop partnerships across the region.