College of Communication & Education

Maya Hawk—Documentary Film Maker

The Media Arts, Design, and Technology department welcomed documentary director and editor Maya Hawke for a wide-ranging discussion on her life and professional career.

Maya is an A.C.E. Award nominated film editor and has worked with directors including Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, David Fincher, and Michel Gondry on dozens of feature films including "Grizzly Man, "Rescue Dawn," "Cave of Forgotten Dreams," "Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue," "Plympton!," "Manhunt" and "All Fall Down."

Maya has also edited dozens of national commercials and directed original long-form feature films including "Box of Birds" and an upcoming documentary on Werner Herzog, "Unfated Yet."

Professor Joshua Moss conducted an in-depth Q&A with Maya discussing her career, approach to editing, the difference between editing short- and long-form media, and her philosophy of writing and directing unscripted media. The event was open to both current and former students of Chico State.