College of Communication & Education

Inspirational Faculty Award

Professor Janell Bauer was voted the 2017–18 Most Inspirational Faculty Member by students in the College of Communication and Education (CME). The award was established last year by former student senator Daniel Human and continued under the guidance of current senator Becca Chanes.

Via email, students were notified that they could nominate and vote for any faculty member within CME, asking which professor inspired and influenced their education the most. Bauer was the clear winner.

“I sent out an email to every CME student with a link to nominate a professor of their choice—who they believe has been an inspirational professor,” said Chanes. “Janell Bauer received the most votes and therefore won.” 

Many of the students who nominated Bauer made glowing comments about her, and Chanes picked out a special one in particular to read at the award’s reception:

“I was diagnosed with a learning disability in the summer of 2016, and shortly after my mom died of cancer," said a former student. "I felt hopeless and unintelligent and considered taking the fall 2016 semester off.

A couple of weeks before my mom died, Janell Bauer emailed me and asked me to intern as a teaching assistant for her ‘Women, Men, and the Media class.’ Knowing that a professor believed in my potential inspired me and forged a self-fulfilling prophecy that would later lead to my acceptance to the PhD program in communication at UC Davis.

Dr. Bauer’s commitment to her students’ success is demonstrated by her work as Tehama Group Communications adviser. As an account executive for TGC, Janell teaches us to effectively work on large teams, balance heavy workloads and stay organized. Dr. Bauer pushes us to learn on our own but she intervenes and gives constructive feedback throughout the process. Throughout my time at CSU, Chico, Dr. Bauer has constantly supported me as I advance my field of study."

Last year’s honoree was Jennifer Meadows, professor and department chair in media arts, design, and technology.

januel bauer recieves award
Associate Dean Deborah Summers, Student Senator Becca Chanes, Janell Bauer and Dean Angela Trethewey