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Lori McAdams Distinguished Alumna

Each year, one truly outstanding alum from each of the seven colleges on campus is honored with the title of Distinguished Alumni. Faculty, alumni, and administrators nominate an individual who possesses the breadth and depth of personal excellence in their chosen endeavors and accomplishments.

McAdams received her BA in information and communication studies in 1983. She serves as the vice president of human resources and administration at Pixar Animation Studios

She joined Pixar Animation Studios in 2004 as director of human resources, and by June 2006 she received promotion to vice president.

In her position, McAdams oversees the traditional human resources functions, including recruiting and staffing, training and education, and compensation and benefits. 

McAdams holds a credit on a number of Pixar’s films, including Cars, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, WALL•E, Up, Toy Story 3, and Monsters University. McAdams began her career in human resources at Lucasfilm Ltd., where she served as a leader. She then went on to Electronic Arts as a director of human resources, primarily for the Maxis Development Studio, and spent one year as an interim director of human resources at Tippett Studios before coming to Pixar. 

Dean Angela Trethewey hosted McAdams during her stay, and she spent three days on campus meeting with faculty and talking to students about her path to success. President Gayle E. Hutchinson hosted the alumni at the 25th Distinguished Alumni Recognition Dinner in March.

McAdams went on to complete her MA in human resources and organizational development from the University of San Francisco. McAdams currently resides in Lafayette, California, with her husband and they have three children.

dean trethewey and lori mcadams
Dean Angela Trethewey and Distinguished Alumna Lori McAdams