College of Communication & Education

Communication Studies Program

A student speaker is presenting to his peers

In the field of communication there are many areas of concentration where researchers and practitioners specialize in one particular area of study or practice. Students in the communication discipline can start to explore some of these areas during their studies in the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, here at CSUC, and then continue on in any of the following areas as a part of a graduate or professional studies program. Learn more about the Communication Studies program!(opens in new window)

Interests and Experiences

Students who are interested in persuading others, leadership, communicating across differences, and managing people and ideas have found the following experiences invaluable:

  • Chico Great Debate
  • Rookie Tournament - public speaking competition
  • Corporate and non-profit internships
  • Intercollegiate competitive Speech and Debate Team
Degrees and Options

BA Communication Studies(opens in new window)

Options: Organizational Communication, Communication and Public Affairs

MA Communication Studies(opens in new window)

Career Options
  • Lawyer
  • Political Advocacy
  • Recruiter
  • Press Secretary
  • Strategic Communication Professional