College of Communication & Education

Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management Department

Our graduates help people to escape their daily lives by running hotels, resorts, outdoor recreation, and tourism businesses. They help people lead more fulfilling lives through recreation therapy, children’s programs, and community activities. They maintain and improve our parks and natural and cultural resources. They create learning environments by organizing tours and planning conventions. They create memorable experiences, from enjoyable restaurant meals to entertaining music festivals. Learn more about the Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management (RHPM) Department!

Interests and Experiences

Students who are interested in outdoor activities, environmental sustainability, event planning, helping people, and travel and recreation have found the following experiences invaluable:

  • Field trips and work in state and national parks
  • Internships at hotels and resorts
  • Planning galas, conferences, concerts, etc.
  • Ability First sports camp
  • Working with therapy dogs
Career Options
  • Forest/park ranger
  • Director of hotel sales/events
  • Resort manager
  • Special events
  • Hospitality coordinator
  • Recreational therapist
  • Recreation planner