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Transferring from a community college or university

Many Chico State alumni started here as transfer students. We know that transferring can be complicated, so we compiled resources to help you navigate the transition.

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Prepare for transfer
  • Use the CSU Transfer Planner to help you find the best program and apply to Chico State
    • Consider enrolling in the Transfer Success Pathway to guarantee admission to Chico State after becoming transfer-eligible and transfer within three years 
  • Talk with a counselor at your current college or university about your plans, including whether you are completing courses or an associate's degree
  • If you will transfer courses, use to make sure those courses will transfer to Chico State
    • Courses from community colleges transfer as 100- and 200-level courses (called "lower-division" courses)
    • Up to 70 units from community colleges count toward a Chico State degree
    • At least 30 units must be completed at Chico State to earn a Chico State degree (called the "residency requirement")
  • If you will transfer an associate's degree, check if that degree is part of the Associate's Degree for Transfer program
  • General Education (GE) includes lower-division and upper-division courses, so transfer students will also complete some GE courses at Chico State
  • At Chico State, academic counselors are called "advisors" and mental health counselors are called "counselors"
Apply to Chico State
Attend Orientation

Orientation provides students academic advising and assistance with course registration, teaches students about campus resources, and helps students connect to each other and campus life. Because these activities are so important to student success, all new students are expected to attend Orientation.

Professor speaks to students in a forest

Professor listens to a student in a film directing class