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An annual scholarship, our generous alumni and donors, help students afford and provide for their "Chico Experience". 

*Endowments, gifts that provide support in perpetuity, are the cornerstone of the College of Communication and Education’s success. Donors who establish an endowed fund leave a legacy of support so that those who follow can pursue their academic dreams.

**Scholarships that have already been endowed but are striving to reach the next level of an endowment by reaching $25,000 or more. 

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Communication Science and Disorders
Austin W. Herrick Scholarship*

The Austin W. Herrick Endowed Scholarship Fund in Speech Pathology and Audiology was created to celebrate the life of a husband and father and to commemorate a life of service to his country in the United States Navy. Mr. Herrick and his wife, Maxine, had two sons and five daughters, one of whom chose to pursue a career in speech pathology, and it is through this scholarship that she has chosen to honor her father. Because of his life at sea, whenever he was home, Mr. Herrick gravitated to his garden for short periods of repose and relaxation. This interest continued after retirement, and he became a Master Gardener at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Yet, the sea always beckoned, and it was there that he was buried. The Austin W. Herrick Scholarship is the way his daughter, Christine Davis, chose to honor the values and the love with which her father infused his family and imparted to his chil­dren. Mr. Herrick was a retired Commander in the United States Navy living in Norfolk, Vir­ginia, when he died in October 1994.

CMSD Student Research Award

This award is given to promising students who are majoring in Communication Science and Disorders.

Robert E. Hall Memorial Scholarship*

Robert "Bob" Hall was a faculty member in the Speech Pathology Department for more than 20 years (Bob came to Chico State in 1972) and made a significant impact on the lives of many students. This scholarship was established in his memory for students who are enrolled in the master's degree program.

Sarah Von Berg Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Von Berg was an iconoclast. She operated outside of normal boundaries. Sarah returned to college to complete her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the age of 36 when she had four young children at home. She was able to complete a rigorous 4-year degree, plus raise a family, with the help of her loving husband, Charles. Sarah had two great loves. Her family and her profession, which was close to 40 years of performing as an extraordinary speech-language pathologist in the hospitals, private practice, home health and the schools. She brought professionalism to our field and established a model of excellence that many of us strive to continue.

Sarah helped thousands of young people, from elementary school to high school, increase their communication success with their peers, family, and community. She spent countless hours and resources obtaining the latest and most effective materials to increase speech intelligibility, language awareness, and reading skills. Sarah also served as supervisor to dozens of young college students just beginning their internships in Speech-Language Pathology. She continued to hear from them years later as they contacted her to let her know of their own successes in the field. The award is granted only those individuals who demonstrate the promise of resilience, determination, and leadership. 

Communication Studies
CMST Student Research Award

This award is given to promising students who are majoring in Communication Studies.