College of Communication & Education

Media Arts, Design, and Technology

An annual scholarship, from our generous alumni and donors, help students afford and provide for their "Chico Experience". 

*Endowments, gifts that provide support in perpetuity, are the cornerstone of the College of Communication and Education’s success. Donors who establish an endowed fund leave a legacy of support so that those who follow can pursue their academic dreams.

**Scholarships that have already been endowed but are striving to reach the next level of an endowment by reaching $25,000 or more. 

Dr. George Benson Memorial Scholarship*

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a dedicated Communications Design student in the pursuit of a degree in their field of Media Arts. George Benson was a Professor in Media Arts at CSU, Chico from 1971 until his retirement in 1992. he was devoted to his students and remained in contact with many of them long after graduation. Dr. Benson was a demanding and inspiring teacher, a helpful adviser and a caring individual.

Gordon Brown Scholarship

As a student, Mr. Brown was impacted deeply by one of his favorite professors, Dr. Robert Main. In his honor, Gordon Brown '82 established this annual scholarship to pay it forward and leave a legacy for talented and engaged graphic design students.

Chico State Graphic Design Alumni Scholarship*

Scholarship named to focus on the large concentration of highly successful graphic design graduates working in the Northern California market, many who are principles in their own professional practices.