Center for Mathematics and Science Education

CSU, Chico Student Programs

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) is part of the College of Natural Sciences at California State University, Chico and, as such, creates and coordinates many programs dedicated to mathematics and science education. In particular, it works with all units within the university to provide the most current and effective programs to prepare future teachers to teach mathematics and science. Subsequently, CMSE has many undergraduate students involved in programs that involve mathematics and science teaching at all levels.

Project MATH(opens in new window) (Mathematics And Teaching on the Horizon) is a four year program that enhances the undergraduate experience for mathematics education majors planning on becoming middle and secondary mathematics teachers.

Hands-On Lab(opens in new window) is a practicum experience for future elementary teachers that has undergraduates teaching discovery science and mathematics lessons under faculty supervision to visiting elementary classes.

LSAMP(opens in new window) (Alliance for Minority Participation) is an undergraduate program with the goal of increasing the number of minority students who receive bachelor's degrees in science, mathematics, engineering or technology, and computer science.