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About CSU, Chico

California State University, Chico(opens in new window) has been identified as one of the leading universities in the state for developing prospective secondary mathematics teachers.

Next Generation Mathematics Teachers: Besides including more mathematics education courses in the curriculum than most of its counterparts, CSU, Chico also has different math degree options for those interested in teaching mathematics.

The newest option is the Foundational Mathematics Education Option. This has been designed for those who are interested in teaching middle school or early high school. It's course work is more focused on these grade levels and so has less emphasis on traditional upper division mathematics courses. It gives you subject matter competence for these grade levels, allowing you to go on to a fifth year credential program.

The Credential Path Mathematics Education Option, allows you to complete both your math degree and your credential program in just four years. It is for those that are particularly focused on the goal of teaching as it does not allow as much course freedom as there is in our other options.

The Mathematics Education Option is our original degree option. It is designed for those who want the option to teach all single subject math classes, particularly high school through the senior year. It gives you subject matter competence for all grade levels, allowing you to go on to a fifth year credential program.

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The beautiful CSU, Chico campus is located in the heart of downtown Chico, with many popular student gathering places nearby. Bidwell Park is a perfect place to bike, run, swim, hike, or picnic.

Applicants to the Project MATH program must ALSO apply to CSU, Chico, using standard application methods. Admission to either Project MATH or to CSU, Chico does not assure acceptance to both. For more information, please visit the Admissions Office(opens in new window).

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