Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Getting Your Credential

Become a Mathematics Teacher

As a mathematics teacher, you will provide students with the math skills necessary to be competitive in our highly technical society. More importantly, you will work with students to shape the future.

To obtain your credential, you have two options.  You can choose the Credential Path of the Math Ed Option.  This new and innovative program allows you to complete your mathematics degree and credential program in just four years.  Alternatively, you can choose the traditional path of the Math Ed Option.  In this case you earn your degree and establish subject matter competence in your first four years, and then complete your credential work in a fifth post-baccalaureate year.  The mathematics courses are the same in both paths, but the general education requirements are quite different, so you will need to discuss these two options with your academic advisor.

Major Academic Plans

Compare the two paths with the following MAPs:

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