Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Project MATH

Mathematics and Teaching on the Horizon

This program builds on CSU, Chico’s long tradition of innovation in the preparation of teachers. In fact, we think you will find that few, if any universities offer prospective mathematics teachers the type of opportunities provided by Project MATH. 

Students are guaranteed housing in the Konkow Math and Science House, one of the premier on-campus housing units in Konkow Residence Hall. These apartment-style resident halls, equipped with a full kitchen, are considered the best on-campus housing at CSU, Chico.  Students in the Math and Science House build a supportive community that provides a mix of academic support and extracurricular opportunities.  Residents have access to a mathematics tutor who comes to the house 4 hours a week.  They join in house activities such as bowling or evening walks to town.

In the first two years of Project MATH, students participate in a bi-weekly seminar in which they work closely with mentor teachers to begin their transition from students of mathematics to teachers of mathematics.  They take turns developing and presenting lessons in a safe, supportive environment.  Connected to the seminar is an early field experience in local junior high schools and senior high school classrooms.  This give the Project MATH students an opportunity to teach lessons previously developed in seminar.

At the end of the sophomore year, Project MATH students are well positioned to take advantage of the newly created Credential Pathway in the Math Education Option of the degree.  This program blends mathematics and credential course work in the junior and senior years, allowing a student to complete their degree and credential program by the end of the senior year.  Whether a student chooses this pathway, or the traditional Math Ed Option, they will be taking three mathematics courses specifically designed for those interested in becoming quality single subject mathematics teachers.

CSU, Chico students interested in becoming mathematics or science teachers are supported by scholarships from the Mathematics and Science Teaching Initiative (MSTI) and Teacher Recruitment Project Scholarships, as well as the Robert Noyce Scholarship Program.  Read more on our Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Scholarship applications from Project MATH students are considered favorably since involvement in Project MATH indicates a commitment to becoming a teacher.  In fact, we have scholarship money dedicated to incoming freshmen who are accepted into Project MATH.

Program Features

  • Guaranteed apartment-style housing in Konkow Residence Hall during freshman year
  • Experiences in public schools throughout their undergraduate careers
  • In-house tutoring in calculus and other course as necessary
  • Seminars in math education
  • Mentoring by secondary math teachers and math faculty members
  • Math education conferences and workshops
  • Math related field trips