Center for Mathematics and Science Education

Why Teach Math or Science?

Because you want to make a difference! Because you want to share your love for learning!

Careers in Teaching

A Rewarding Profession

Teaching is more than a means to a paycheck; teaching allows you to give society its most important resource:  education.

Not everyone has the passion to be a teacher, but for those that do, there is a huge demand for both math and science teachers not only in California, but throughout the nation, providing you the opportunity to work where you want with a high degree of job security. You'll spend your days sharing your love of math or science with your school's best students. You'll find teaching to be a challenging career which will bring you personal satisfaction, making it more than worth the effort!

Teaching even at entry-level can be financially rewarding. The best new math or science teachers with bachelor's degrees typically earn $35,000 to $50,000 per year for a nine-month contract. Salaries often rise rapidly. In large cities, and after earning a master's degree, teachers can make more than $100,000 per year! In addition, there are many job benefits ranging from medical, dental, and life insurance, to tuition reimbursement for graduate courses, and great retirement plans.

Financial Incentives

The high demand for qualified math and science teachers has led to the creation of many financial incentives for future teachers. Special scholarships and forgivable loans could actually pay for all your college expenses. Students interested in teaching math or science should check out these special scholarships and financial aid(opens in new window).

Hand-On Labs in Math and Science

There are opportunities for university students to become involved in tutoring or working with K-12 students in math and science. 

Science Hands-On Lab offers an opportunity for university students to work with elementary school students in a laboratory setting engaging in fun, active-learning experiments in chemistry, biology, and physical science. More information on Hands-On Lab(opens in new window).

Student Organizations

Give teaching a try! Opportunities to pursue teaching through tutoring or community involvement are available through the many student organizations associated with the College of Natural Sciences: