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Assembly Bill 2186

The information contained on this page was shared with us by Vincent Stewart(opens in new window), Executive Director of California STEM Network. He also provided a link to the bill, a sample letter of support, and talking points for the bill.

Assembly Bill 2186(opens in new window)

Assembly Bill 2186 will be heard by the committee on Wednesday, April 11th, so letters need to be submitted prior to April 4th to be reflected in the committee analysis.

Assembly Bill 2186, authored by Assembly Member Tony Thurmond, would allocate an additional $200 million in the 2018-19 state budget for one-time grants to LEAs and their partners for the purpose of expanding access to STEM instruction. Specifically, the bill would do the following:

  • Provide $50 million for professional development in STEM subjects for teachers, principals and schools leaders in the elementary grades (TK-8)
  • Provide $50 million for the preparation of new teachers in STEM subjects through the expansion of teacher residency programs
  • Provide $50 million to support local LEA efforts to recruit and retain teachers of STEM subjects
  • Provide $30 million for expanded access to computer science education
  • Provide $20 million for expanded access to STEM instruction in rural schools and districts.

In addition to the funding, the bill would have the CA Department of Education survey a sample of districts on the amount and type of math and science instruction they’re currently providing and study the efficacy of assessing students in science prior to grade 5 (this would be in addition to and not in lieu of a grade 5 assessment).

The letter of support can be mailed or you can contact Chairman Patrick O'Donnell online(opens in new window).