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California Science Project (CSP)

What is the CSP?

The California Science Project (CSP) is a university based professional development network for teachers of science at all levels. This statewide network works toward the common goal of improving science education for all students in California. CSP sites exist across the state at campuses of the California State University, the University of California and independent college/universities. For the past decade, the CSP has been and continues to be, a regional provider of services to schools and districts seeking to strengthen their science instruction consistent with the California Science Framework and the California science Content Standards.

Contact Information

Anne Stephens
Office: SCI 334
Phone: 530-898-5515

What We Do

  • Provide opportunities for teachers to develop and enhance their science content knowledge AND pedagogical skills necessary to implement the State Board of Education science standards
  • Identify exemplary teaching practices in science classrooms and provide a forum for communicating them to teachers statewide
  • Maintain and support intellectually vibrant and mutually supportive professional communities for teachers of science
  • Develop school-based leadership teams of teachers and K-12 administrators committed to improving science programs.
  • Develop formal partnerships with schools to improve student learning.
  • Provide contracted services to schools and districts
  • Examine and develop research on learning, knowledge and educational materials.

Focus of the California Science Project (CSP)

The focus of the California Science Project (CSP) is to provide area teachers with high-quality, standards-based professional development in science. The California Science Project of Inland Northern California, one of 18 CSP sites across the state, is a collaborative partnership between regional K-12 schools in northern California and California State University, Chico. 

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