Communication Studies

Mission Statement

The Communication Studies program is committed to fostering an understanding and examination of the crucial role of communication in human relationships, organizations, cultures, society, and civic affairs, and to developing students’ personal and professional communication skills.

We are committed to promoting ethical, responsible, and effective communication and to preparing students for their roles as citizens in a democratic society and as citizens of the world. Undergraduate students gain a comprehensive historical and theoretical knowledge of communication and a wide range of communication skills that are useful in their personal lives, community involvement, future careers, and as preparation for advanced study.

Master’s degree students develop a deeper understanding of the discipline as preparation for involvement in a variety of professions (including those in the public sector, private enterprise, or higher education) or further graduate study in PhD programs.

Communication Studies faculty seek to continually enhance the undergraduate and graduate programs through careful examination of student learning, curricular development, integration of technology, faculty research and development, and service to the community.

Revised 12/06

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