Communication Studies

CMST Program Awards

CMST Undergraduate Student (BA) Awards

Outstanding CMST Student Award

The objective of this award is to recognize the student in the CMST major who has achieved important accomplishments in a variety of areas. Such areas of achievement might include: significant academic achievement, substantial contributions to the department, university, and/or community, as well as maintaining other personal commitments (such as a job, family, etc.). The award should go to the most outstanding CMST student of those graduating, in terms of their collective accomplishments during their time as a major in our program and a student at the University. Therefore, the criteria to be weighed when selecting this award recipient could include any/all of the following:

  • Cumulative academic work (cum GPA)
  • Achievements within a course or courses
  • Department involvement/service, both type and duration
  • University involvement/service, both type and duration
  • Community involvement/service, both type and duration
  • Work history, both type and duration
  • Other personal commitments

Outstanding Student Option Awards: Communication and Public Affairs & Organizational Communication

The objective of these awards is to recognize the student who best represents his or her specific option. The primary criterion for this award is academic excellence in the option. The recipients of these awards should have substantial achievements in their major academic work (as opposed to all of their academic work) and any other related option activity deemed noteworthy. The criteria to be weighed when selecting the award recipients could include any/all of the following:

  • Cumulative option/major academic work (major GPA).
  • Performance in several classes central to the option.

Civic Engagement Award

This award recognizes CMST students who took initiative in or contributed to creating interest and/or spreading awareness of issues related to civic engagement. The recipient should be nominated by faculty based on the following criterion from the board:

Excellence in promoting civic engagement on campus and/or the community.

CMST Undergraduate Student Award recipients receive a medallion to wear at graduation and a certificate with the Chair, Dean, and President’s signature and are awarded in the classroom among their peers.

Kristina Sanville
Kristina Sanville
  • Outstanding Communication Studies Undergraduate Student

Kristina exemplifies the best of the CMST program. Her professors rave about her intellectual curiosity and writing skills. Her peers benefit from her insights and dedication in the classroom. Kristina’s impact goes beyond Chico State as she is national award winner in competitive speech. She has represented the best of the speech team and the CMST program and was even selected as the commencement speaker for the College of Communication and Education for 2021.

Joscelynn Aquino
Joscelynn Aquino
  • Outstanding Organizational Communication Undergraduate

Joscelynn is an outstanding student who succeeded in and out of the classroom. She was recognized by the University with a prestigious Rawlins award and has a robust history of volunteering in the community to help children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Joscelynn did not wait to apply herself she made a difference as an undergraduate and we all benefited from her work in our classrooms and in the community.

Aundrea Mendoza
Aundrea Mendoza
  • Outstanding Communication and Public Affairs Undergraduate

Aundrea stood out as an example of what Public Affairs students are capable of, even during the pandemic. She is dedicated to excellence in the classroom and stayed engaged even when we went to virtual delivery. Aundrea is committed to self-improvement and is always reaching out to professors about how she could improve. It is rare for a gifted student and writer to also recognize they are not a finished product, but that is Aundrea. We were all lucky to have her in our classrooms.

CMST Graduate Student (MA) Awards

Outstanding CMST Graduate Student

  • GPA (Program)
  • Teaching performance/graduate assistant performance/other relevant university activities or involvement
  • Contributions to the department/university
  • Peer/faculty relationships

Outstanding Thesis/Project

  • Rigor of the project/thesis (e.g., extensiveness of method, developmental requirements)
  • Contribution to the discipline

Outstanding Teaching Associate

  • Teaching evaluations (documented)
  • Faculty evaluations
  • Other relevant supporting information re: teaching
  • Length of time teaching
  • Difficulty/types/variety of classes taught GPA

CMST Graduate Student Award recipients receive a medallion to wear at graduation and a certificate with the Chair, Dean, and President’s signature and are awarded in the classroom among their peers.

Devon Morones
Devon Morones
  • Outstanding Communication Studies Graduate Student
  • Outstanding Communication Studies Teaching Associate

During her time in the CMST MA program, Devon has stood out as an outstanding graduate student and Teaching Associate. She is exceptionally hard working and academically talented. Perhaps most striking in Devon, is her dedication as a department citizen and cohort member. She has been a consummate "team player'" and a positive force in the classroom and beyond, uplifting and motivating all around her. Her work as a Teaching Associate has been exemplary and has included mentoring of other TAs and rave reviews from her students.