Communication Studies

Application Procedure

Communication Studies faculty will begin reviewing applications for the Fall 2022 Semester on March 16, 2022. We will accept applications after this deadline, but adherence to the March 16th deadline is recommended for the best chance of an offer of admission and a Teaching Associate position.

Materials you need to compile and/or solicit to apply for the MA program in Communication at CSU, Chico. 

  • Transcripts from the completion of an undergraduate major in communication studies or related fields with a broad or more specific communication focus, e.g. mass communication, journalism, public relations, English, political science, psychology, sociology, history. For those majors other than communication studies, depending on the degree and coursework completed, the Graduate Coordinator will determine if the undergraduate major had provided appropriate preparation.
  • A grade point average of at least 3.0 (B) in all undergraduate coursework. Grade point averages under 3.0 may be considered if other application materials are strong.
  • The GRE is not required for admission to the M.A. program. However, it can be helpful in the application process.
  • A personal statement clearly explaining (a) your motivation for pursuing the M.A. degree in Communication Studies at CSU, Chico, (b) expected area of emphasis in your studies, and (c) future goals.
  • A minimum of three letters of recommendation from former professors is preferred. If needed, academic or professional supervisors can be used. Letters must speak to the applicant’s academic abilities (critical thinking, ability for academic writing, research and analysis), potential for advanced study, and qualities that would indicate the applicant will be successful in graduate school. Letters are submitted through CalStateApply NOTE: If applying for a TA position be sure to consult the TA Application guidelines as letters of recommendation may be used for both the program and TA position.
  • Two writing samples authored by the applicant demonstrating strong writing and research skills. Papers completed in junior/senior courses that demonstrate the use of literature, critical thinking, and/or research are highly preferred. Other works such as articles, parts of portfolios can be considered, but the sample must exhibit the skills, abilities, and talents expected by the program for scholarly, academic writing, and research.

Submit all materials through CalStateApply. Information about the Teaching Associate Application can be found within CalStateApply and here

Any questions should be directed to Graduate Coordinator Dr. Jennifer Malkowski (