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Teaching Associates

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The CMST Program maintains approximately 7-10 Teaching Associates positions each year for qualified, classified CMST new and returning graduate students.

Qualifications and Education

Qualifications include a bachelor's degree in communication or related discipline and admission to the Communication Studies M.A. program. Applicants must have an educational background in the subject matter of the discipline to which the individual is assigned, as well as demonstrate potential for teaching by previous academic or work experience with teaching, coaching or related areas. The CMST Graduate Coordinator, along with Faculty Supervisors for Public Speaking and the Speech and Debate Team review applications and consider student's qualifications and the Program needs with final appointments made by the Department Chair. Most Graduate Teaching Associates work with full-time faculty in the basic public speaking course. Graduate Teaching Associates with a background in oral interpretation and debate may work with our forensics team and its coach. Graduate Assistants are occasionally assigned to help full-time faculty in the preparation of course materials or on research projects.


The awarding of a position within the CMST program comes with great responsibility and clear expectations. These coveted positions provide instruction and coaching for over 500 students every semester and supply graduate students with exceptional work experience. When applying applicants are indicating their willingness to meet expectations of the position and for representing the CMST Program in a professional manner at all times. We look for Teaching Associates who will emulate the values, mission, and priorities the CMST Program and the CSUC University. Please see the “Communication Studies Graduate Student Guide” for more details and information.

Duties and Salary

Teaching associates are responsible for providing class discussion, making assignments to students, preparing course materials, assessing students performance, tutoring students and determining course grades. Teaching associates teach the performance sections of public speaking courses and/or assist with forensics. Full-time teaching associates are hired at a 40 percent position and earn approximately $13,000 per academic year.

Application Forms & Requirements

To be considered for a Teaching Associate position you must (1) submit a complete student application to the CMST Program and (2) submit the following materials to the Department Chair for a TA position. Application review will begin April 15 and will continue until positions are filled. Completed Applications by the start of the review process are given initial consideration for open positions.

Submitted Materials for the TA Position
  1. CMST TA/GA Application Form (PDF) (Communication Arts & Sciences Dept. TA Application).
  2. TA Application for Employment, CSU, Chico (PDF) (University Employee Application).
  3. Current Resume and Cover Letter expressing your interest in the position and briefly highlighting your qualifications, no more than one page for letter.
  4. Three Request for Reference Forms (PDF). Your Recommendation Letter writers will complete these.
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation. It is recommended that applicants have the same three letter of recommendation writers for the program, also address qualifications for the TA position in the same letter. These same three people would also complete the Request for Reference form listed above.
  6. Undergraduate Transcript (this item will already be provided with your application to the CMST program, no need to send another set).

Submit all Teaching Associate materials through CalStateApply or via regular mail to:

Chair, Communication Arts and Sciences
Communication Studies Program
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0502
Phone: (530) 898-5751

California State University, Chico is an equal opportunity/Affirmative Action/American with Disabilities Act Employer and also only employs individuals lawfully authorized to work in the United States.