Communication Studies

Office Hours

Spring 2022 - Finals Week 5/16-5/20

(O) = Online office hours, email provided for contact with the faculty member.
(P) = In–Person office hours, office location & Phone number provided. Must wear a mask.

CMST Faculty Office Hours
Full–TimePhone/Office/EmailOffice Hours
AVANZINO, Susan6850/THMA 428/

M 12-2P (P) (O)

BRUNDIDGE, Jennifer3048/THMA 432/
Tues. 11-1; 2-4, online
BURK, Nicholas4772/THMA 430/
MT 10-11:30A (O)
CHO, Young Cheon3049/THMA 434/
M 3-7P (O)       
GIVERTZ, Michelle6052/THMA 433/
TR 2-3:15P (O); W 11:30-1P (O)  
HAMEL, Stephanie4478/THMA 435/shamel@csuchico.eduM 2-52P (O)
JUSTUS, Zach6158/THMA 249/zjustus@csuchico.eduM 9-11A (P)
LI, Nan3051/THMA 436/nli1@csuchico.eduT 3-5P  (P); W 3-5P (O)   
MALKOWSKI, Jennifer5883/THMA 431/jmalkowski@csuchico.eduW 1-4P (P)
CMST Faculty Office Hours
Part–TimePhone/Office/EmailOffice Hours
BARROW, Mandy5304/THMA 259/ajbarrow@csuchico.eduW 12–1 PM (O)
EGGEN, Jessica5304/THMA 259/jbeggen@csuchico.eduT 8:30-10:30A; WF 12-2P (O)
FAAITA, Mark4629/THMA 381/mfaaita@csuchico.eduM 12-4P (P)
GROTHE, Tom4257/THMA 373/

M 5-6P (O)

HULL, Pat4142/THMA 369/pehull@csuchico.eduMWF 10-11A (P); M 1-2P (P)      
KELLEY, Chaz4257/THMA 373/

T 10-12P; F 11-12P (P)

MELDRUM, Millie4142/THMA 369/mameldrum@csuchico.eduON LEAVE
NEWBY, Tia4142/THMA 369/tnewby@csuchico.eduON LEAVE
OELRICHS, Amy6592/THMA 371/aroelrichs@csuchico.eduMW 11-2P (P); TR 12:30-2P (O) & by appt.         
OHLAND, Angela4257/THMA 373/aohland@csuchico.eduT 3:15-4:15P (O)
PETERSON, Sue4771/THMA 379/

T 12-1P (P)

PRESNELL, Shelly6592/THMA 371/spresnell@csuchico.eduT 12:30-1:30P (O)
CMST Faculty Office Hours
Teaching AssociatesPhone/Office/EmailOffice Hours
BUMGARNER, Emma6615/THMA 375/ebumgarner@csuchico.eduM 11-1 PM (P)
BURKE, Sheila4091/THMA 377/smburke1@csuchico.eduM 12-2P (O)
COLALUCA, Madison6615/THMA 375/mlcolaluca@csuchico.eduF 11-2P (P)
SANVILLE, Kristina4091/THMA 377/kmsanville@csuchico.eduT 8-10A (P)
SUTCLIFFE, Alora6615/THMA 375/asutcliffe@csuchico.eduM 10-12P (P)
WILSON, Alex4091/THMA 377/cwilson2@csuchico.eduF 8-10A (P)