Communication Studies

Dr. Zach Justus

  • PhD (2009) - Communication, Arizona State University
  • MA (2005) - Human Communication, California State University, Chico
  • BA (2003) - Speech Communication, California State University, Chico

"Mutability is our tragedy, but it's also our hope.” –Boethius from The Consolation of Philosophy 

Human beings have a co-dependent relationship with language—language shapes us and we shape language. My life as a researcher and as an instructor is dedicated to understanding the nuances of this relationship. My first exposure to language theory was as an undergraduate and debater at CSU Chico. I continued to pursue the complications of humans and language as a Master’s student at Chico, where my interests became more narrowly focused on terrorism, national security, and politics. As a PhD student at Arizona State University I joined the Consortium for Strategic Communication and co-authored two book chapters in Weapons of Mass Persuasion concerning language and terrorism. The same issues fascinate me today as I continue to explore politics and security through the study of conservativism in the United States.

Professional Affiliations

  • Western States Communication Association (WSCA)
  • National Communication Association

Courses Frequently Taught

  • CMST 131 - Speech Communication Fundamentals
  • CMST 350 - Foundations of Rhetorical Communication Theories and Practice
  • CMST 354 - Persuasion
  • CMST 452 - Freedom of Speech
  • CMST 620 - Teaching Strategies for Communication Studies Teaching Associates

Current Interests

The language of terrorism. The rhetoric of conservative activism in the United States. The rhetoric of immigration.