Communication Studies

Undergraduate Degree

Students in this program complete 45 units of study: 30 units of core classes and 15 units in either the Organizational Communication option or the Communication and Public Affairs option.

The core classes are: speech communication fundamentals, small group communication, foundations of interpersonal communication, introduction to communication studies, communication scholarship, communication research, intercultural communication theories and practice, foundations of rhetorical communication theories and practices, introduction to organizational communication, and an internship. All Communication Studies majors are also required to have a minor in a discipline of their choice.

Organizational Communication Option

Organizational communication is the study of interaction between people working collectively to achieve individual, group, and organizational goals.

Organizations are studied from a communication perspective that is highly inclusive of multiple stakeholders, processes, and/or structures. This approach includes: interpersonal relationships, group and team work, leadership, cross-functional communication, communication networks and systems, internal/external influences, power, culture and intercultural communication.

Students in this option use their broad understanding of organizations as interactive and dynamic processes, along with their skills and experiences in communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and analysis to pursue a wide spectrum of career opportunities.

Communication and Public Affairs

The study of communication and public affairs provides the necessary training for civic engagement in the public sphere. Students in this option are equipped to address a wide variety of issues and problems at the local, state, national, and international levels of governance.

This option addresses the need for an active and responsible citizenry. It provides training in the communication skills needed to successfully participate in public affairs and the challenges of a democratic society.

The power of symbolic communication, public address, persuasion in the public sphere, public debate, and social movements are the cornerstones of this option. Students trained in this option are prepared for a variety of occupations that require strategic communication in public affairs.

Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree: 120 units

See "Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree(opens in new window)" in The University Catalog for complete details on degree requirements and elective options.

A suggested Major Academic Plan (MAP) has been prepared to help students meet all graduation requirements within four years. Please request a plan from your major adviser or view it and other current advising information on the CSU, Chico Web.