Classroom Services

On-campus Classroom Services

Provides faculty and students a high-tech learning environment that includes: Internet access, audio and video equipment, projection systems, and telephone support.  The CMT Classroom Technology Support team conducts annual maintenance checks to keep all the equipment functioning properly.

One of the most recently converted smart classrooms, Langdon Hall room 300, boasts three video projectors and an interactive whiteboard.

Distance Learning Classroom Services

Provides two distance learning “origination” rooms in the basement of the Meriam library. In addition to all the standard Smart Classroom technology, these two rooms include video cameras and microphone system for providing live, real-time video-audio streaming of the instructor’s lectures. Staff operates the video systems, so no technical expertise is required of users.

Both of these rooms were completely refreshed with the latest technology.

Meeting and Conference Services

Provides two conference rooms for reserved special use. A Video Conference room, located in room 027B, offers a complete two-way audio-video conference solution using traditional ISDN protocol. The second conference room located in room 043 and referred to as Studio A, seats up to 55 people. In addition to the audio-video equipment commonly found in smart classrooms, it has studio lighting. The room can be configured in a variety of ways to meet the intended use.

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