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Presentation and Environmental Graphics

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Presentation and Environmental Graphics

Presentation and Environmental Graphics is a design-build service of high-impact visual communication products for the campus community. Our wide range of graphic solutions include signage displays for special events, visual aids for academic presentations, travel-friendly conference graphics, photo-booths, stage backdrops, window decals, and vibrant posters and banners. 

Our custom environmental graphic design services communicate your story. Effective way-finding design, brand image, and thoughtful decor connect students, faculty, staff, and visitors to your facility space. Design elements such as photography, color, material, and typography are thoughtfully aligned with architectural features to convey your message and create a memorable experience.

Serving the campus’ executive branches, academic departments, and student affairs, our portfolio includes projects from campus public spaces, academic headquarters, service center lobbies, museum exhibitions, information centers, concessions, student lounges, retail locations, as well as office spaces. In addition, we incorporate sustainable materials, fabrication processes, and products that benefit both our client’s budget and long-term health of the environment.

In partnership with our CMT (Creative Media & Technology) departments, our team of designers and craftspeople are proud to deliver high quality products through a superior experience.

Services we provide

• Trade show and Conference Displays

• Wall Murals

• Directories and Way-finders

• Museum Exhibits

• Inspiration Wall Graphics

• Conference Room Displays

• Outreach Booth Displays

• Indoor or Outdoor Special Events Banners

• Academic Presentation Materials

• X-Frames

• A-Frames

• Vinyl Cut Letters

• Mounted Posters

• Framed Canvas Prints

• Hanging Banners and Hardware