Creative Media and Technology

What We Do

Creative Media and Technology (CMT) at CSU, Chico is the campus community's in-house marketing agency. Our services cover a wide range of creative avenues, utilize modern technologies & techniques, and allow our team to consult and execute on your goals and objectives. 

Creative Services

Planning & Strategy

Brand Creation and Ideation

Environmental and Wayfinding

Marketing Consultation

Marketing Support

Positioning, messaging, campaign direction


Logo development

Museum Environmental Design

Print Design

Web Design


Location Photography

Studio Photography

Video & Animation

Film/Video Direction and Scriptwriting

Presentation Animation

Video Animation

Technology Services

Indoor/Outdoor Environmental Graphics Printing


Heat Mapping of Websites
Live Streaming of Campus Events

Prototyping mobile/web concepts

Web 3.0 Training and Instruction

Web Updates

Classroom Tech

Classroom Technology Planning & Implementation

Classroom Technology Maintenance

Pioneering New Pedagogic Technology

Video and VR

Multimedia Recording Studio
VR Lab

Media Production

Conventional Video

Film/Video Production

Drone and 360-degree

Drone Still Photography

Drone Video Capture

360-degree Photography and Videography

Web & Presentation

Responsive Web and Mobile Experience

Programming of Campus Monitors for timed slideshow

Programming of Campus Monitors for wayfinding information

What We Don't Do

Rent out equipment

Develop Course Materials