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Business Administration Learning Goals & Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Oral Communication | Students will demonstrate effective oral presentation skills

  • Written Communication | Students will demonstrate effective business writing skills

  • Information Technology | Students will demonstrate effective use of IT skills in the areas of information search, word processing, use of spreadsheets, and presentation software

  • Analytical Thinking & Problem-Solving | Students will demonstrate the ability to evaluate, analyze and interpret information to make reasoned business decisions

  • Ethics | Students graduating with a BADM degree will be able to identify an ethical dilemma and make an appropriate recommendation to address it

  • Teamwork | Students will demonstrate the ability to collaborate as a team to achieve a common objective

  • Globalization | Students will demonstrate knowledge of how organizations are affected by globalization

  • Business Functional Areas | Students will be able to apply basic business concepts of accounting, finance, human resource management, management, marketing, supply chain management, and management information systems in evaluating business issues