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Assurance of Learning

MBA Student Receiving MBA Program Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

“It [assessment] enables educators to examine whether the curriculum makes sense in its entirety and whether students, as a result of all their experiences, have the knowledge, skills, and values that graduates should possess.”

Banta and Palomba, Assessment Essentials, 2014, p. 10

Faculty in the College of Business at CSU, Chico are dedicated to preparing students to become effective and principled business leaders. A commitment to creating and maintaining programs that support optimum student learning is at the heart of every discussion and decision.

Learning goals have been carefully defined and are constantly measured to guide the development, evaluation, and revision of academic programs. A cycle of continuous improvement ensures that business graduates possess the technical knowledge, problem-solving proficiencies, and communication skills they will need to successfully perform in today’s complex and competitive global business environment.

The College of Business has developed an assurance of learning initiative for its programs that is a systematic effort to:

  • Establish a set of programmatic learning goals

  • Assess program learning goals through course-embedded, direct and indirect measures

  • Monitor and refine the curriculum to ensure consistency with program goals

  • Enhance student learning

Assurance of Learning Map