College of Business

Master of Business Administration


The MBA program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective managerial decision-making, the flexibility to pursue a general or moderately specialized business curriculum, and a basis for continued personal and professional growth. Our MBA students work on team projects, solving real-world problems for clients, while refining their soft and hard skills. Through case study, lecture, and project work, students develop a deep understanding of how leading companies analyze, refine, and align the primary business functions to maintain a competitive edge. Students leave our program knowing business fundamentals, ready to use data to make decisions, and apply practical skills to becoming a high-level contributing employee from day one.

Students cite the school's strong regional reputation, an emphasis on the development of team skills, and a curriculum that focuses on developing practical skills as their reasons for choosing to pursue a graduate business degree from CSU, Chico. MBA students can select from three program options to fit their interests. There is a general MBA option (GEN), a MBA with an option in Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), and a MBA with an option in Project Management (PRMG).

Continuously accredited since 1972, the College of Business was, once again, successfully reaccredited in fall 2017.


The College of Business embraces the residential nature of our campus to create a learning-centered community that instills in our students the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for both immediate success upon graduation and long-term career achievement. We emphasize applied research and are devoted to continuing the tradition of excellence in our academic programs while developing distinctive initiatives to meet the ever-changing needs of our stakeholders.

Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

  • Data-Driven Decision Making | Students receiving the MBA degree will integrate business data and concepts with core business knowledge to make tactical and strategic business decisions using appropriate information technology.
  • Teamwork | Students receiving the MBA degree will be able to manage group dynamics in a multicultural team environment.
  • Ethics | Students receiving an MBA degree will recognize and respond to ethical issues related to business practice.
  • Oral Communication Skills | Students receiving the MBA degree will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Written Communication Skills | Students receiving the MBA degree will produce professional written communications.
  • Globalization | Students earning the MBA degree will recognize and be able to respond to international issues that impact business.