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Quote: Chico's academic programs, extra-curricular organizations, and ample opportunities have had such a positive impact on my future. - Gino Greco (BS, Business Administration, '17)

"Without a doubt, without the Center for Entrepreneurship's Business Concept Competition, Bizness Apps wouldn't exist. Today, we are a multi-million dollar company with customers in over 100 countries."
Andrew Gazdecki (BS, Business Administration, '10)

"My perspective has definitely changed a lot from the tour at Far West Rice. I am from India and we have always been taught everything theoretically. For the first time I have learned something by not only reading it, but relating it to a practical experience."
MBA Student, 2016

"Winning the Business Concept Competition was a huge step for me and my blossoming company. Not only did the cash prize help to further develop my product, but being a part of the Center for Entrepreneurship opened up the opportunity to establish an advisory relationship with some of the highly experienced judges."
Wyatt Hahn (BS, Business Administration, '19)

"I will always be grateful for the opportunity that was made available to me by the College of Business. My current start up business Outdoor Ally was simply an idea I never truly planned on pursuing until I presented it in the Business Concept Competition and won. Winning the competition gave me the confidence and motivation to start it and see it through."
Peter Farsai (BS, Business Administration, '15)

Quote: Every single building block of the Seufferlein Sales Program has made the most impact on not only my collegiate career, but also my life. - Cheyne Lieberman (BS, Business Administration, '16)

"I truly believe that without the Seufferlein Sales Program, I would not be in the position I am today, with such an amazing job at Adobe lined up for me."
Ariane Cook (BS, Business Administration, '15)

"Chico was the first place I came to from India. So for me, Chico is like a home. I always have the greatest memories of Chico State. I learned so much and it prepared me for my life after Chico."
Prabhakar Kalavacherla (MS, Business Administration, '93)

"The College of Business is a great place to learn all the essential business skills that employees want. I can't think of anything more the college could do to improve my educational experience to be more successful. I couldn't have done it without the skills I learned while at the College of Business. Kudos."
MBA Student, 2015

"I loved the professors and how nurturing they were, and how excited they were to teach me and my colleagues. I was able to develop as a whole person at Chico."
Anne Sena (BS, Business Administration, '97)

Quote: Many of the successes I have and where I am today, is because of my experience at Chico State. - Gregory Chagaris (BS, Business Administration, '69)

"There is only so much you can learn about business in the classroom. I think the real way to learn something is to actually do it, and the Center for Entrepreneurship's Business Concept Competition gave me that chance. What an incredible feeling it was to be able to share a business concept so early on and have people get excited about it."
Katharina Chiu (BS, Business Administration, '14)

"I really feel that a lot of my success came from my education, and the longer you're in business and the more experiences you accumulate, you learn to appreciate what a good education can do for you."
Karl Bakhtiari (BS, Business Administration, '75) (MBA, '77)

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