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Business Advisory Board members

The Business Advisory Board is designed to support the Dean of the College of Business by providing strategic guidance to keep the College’s programs aligned with current marketplace needs and realities, supporting the academic and professional success of students, advancing the College’s strategic priorities, and extending the College’s influence, network and funders.  Board members are selected by the Dean and generally serve one or two 3-year terms.  For more information, please contact the Dean’s Office at 530-898-6272.

The Business Information Systems (BSIS) Industry Council consists of IT professionals from major corporations and non-profits who serve a key role in the continuous improvement of the BSIS programs through feedback on trends, knowledge, and skills needed by graduates for career success.  For more information, please contact Dr. Dalen Chiang at 530-898-4301.

The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) Advisory Board is comprised of those devoted to entrepreneurial success and education. They advise the CFE on its activities including business concept competitions, use of seed funding from the Accelerator Fund, mentoring start-ups, and fostering the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Please contact CFE Director Colleen Robb at 530-898-4894 for more information. 

The Seufferlein Sales Program (SSP) Partnership Group is a collection of companies that participates to improve what the SSP can offer to students: opportunities to increase skills and contacts through competitions and use of a professional sales lab. Members often serve as judges to give students real-world feedback and perspective. The Platinum members of this group serve as the Seufferlein Sales Program Advisory Board to advise the SSP on continuous program improvement. For more information, please contact SSP Corporate Director Art Cox at

Getting Your Business Involved

The College of Business works with a broad array of companies. Corporate involvement includes student recruitment, internships, class projects, executive speakers, student organizations, scholarship funds, and program partnerships. If your company is interested in working with the College of Business, contact the Dean's Office at 530-898-6272.

Business Advisory Board

Tony Abramo
Chairman, NARO

Karl Bakhtiari
President, Stonesfair Financial Corporation

Keith Bewley
President, NEX Systems

Aaron Colton
Founder, President & CEO, Integrated Communication Systems

Bill Dodd
Senator, Senate District 3

Rob Donoho
VP of Global Sourcing, E. & J. Gallo Winery

Prabhakar Kalavacherla
Partner, KPMG, LLP

Paul Larson
Sr. Vice President, CNA Insurance

Anne Sena
Director of Technology, St. David's School

Luke Seufferlein
Director, Rubicon Point Partners, LLC

Marti Sutton
Commissioner, City of Livermore, Human Services Commission

Glen Thomas
Managing Partner, TYS, LLP